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A Conversation with post wook - Submissions Open

Crypto Cafe is a weekly podcast hosted by Randi Zuckerberg, where she covers everything you need to know about the latest in arts and technology, from AI to Blockchain, and more. She also sits down and hosts in-depth conversations with inspirational artists. We are thrilled to be recording with leading Digital Artist - Postwook. We are looking for 1 artist who would like to join us on the podcast. You get to sit in on the recording, and will also have the opportunity to ask Postwook a question of your choice live. This is an incredible opportunity to get thoughts and advice from an established digital artist, while also gaining more exposure for your artistic career through our social channels and SiriusXM.

Requirements Piece may either be: - Unminted - Minted No theme - show us your best work that you would like to get Postwook's eyes on Optional - tell us what question you would like to ask Postwook Must be available to record the podcast from 1:00 PM Eastern to 2:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday October 4th. Recording will be done virtually, and ideally the selected artist will be comfortable doing so on video. The selected artist will be notified no later than Friday September 29th.

Open Call FAQs

  • How are artists selected?

Depending on the Open Call and its respective partner, artists can be selected either at the sole discretion of our partner or with input from our community. About Community Voting We invite our community of art lovers to participate in the curation process by allowing them to vote for their favorite artworks in each Open Call. This also allows artists to get their work in front of more people who may or may not already be familiar with them. Our partners receive the entire list of submissions for review and selection, and have the list of community favorites available to them in case they would like to factor that into their decision. Artists can invite anyone to create a free Hug account and vote for their artwork to be highlighted to our partners. Each vote submitted by a Curator or Senior Curator is counted double and triple respectively.

  • Who is eligible to submit artwork?

Everyone is welcome to submit their artwork and have it discovered and celebrated by our community through the respective Open Call page. However, only artists with a published or pending Hug Artist Profile are eligible to be selected. Learn more and apply for a free Hug Artist Profile today.

  • How many Open Calls can I enter?

There is no limit to the number of Open Calls you can enter at any one time, so long as your submission meets the requirements for the respective Open Call.

  • How many times can I submit to each Open Call?

Each artist may submit only one artwork to each Open Call opportunity.

  • Can I change my submission to an Open Call?

You are able to edit your submission for as long as submissions are being accepted. You can see all of your Open Call submissions on your Profile page. Entries cannot be modified once an Open Call submission period has ended.

  • Who is eligible to vote on submissions?

If an Open Call involves community voting, anyone with a free Hug account can vote. Hug Curators and Senior Curators will have their vote count double and triple respectively. Community voting is used to highlight community favorites to our partners, but will never be the only input used in determining which artists get selected. Become an official Hug Curator and have your vote multiplied by purchasing a Hug Pass or Meta Angels Membership.

  • When will I be notified of results?

Timelines for submission and curation vary with each Open Call opportunity. As soon as curation for a given opportunity is completed, selected artists will be notified via the email associated with their Hug account.

  • What are the next steps after I submit my artwork?

While you wait to be notified of a decision, we welcome you to explore all of Hug's offerings to take you further on your journey as an artist and an art lover.

About SiriusXM

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