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New Artists Submission Form

Please Read Carefully

Portfolio Review Application

We Welcome New Submissions from Digital Artists.

We are currently seeking highly skilled artists in a variety of fields, including digital painting, AI, content creation, 3D, video and animation loops, and related disciplines, to join our Agency.

Given the increasingly complex demands of the contemporary online art scene, it is clear that no single person can lay claim to possessing the comprehensive set of skills and temporal resources required for not only creating, but also promoting and selling their art with the same degree of success.

We do not have to struggle alone when it is clear that every successful operation requires a collaborative effort. We understand what it takes to create art, and there isn't much time in the day to promote, exhibit, and meet the demands of selling to the right audience.

We decided to step in and establish an agency to handle at least the online promotion and sale of the artworks through a platform that will be easier to promote on the internet.


So what do you think? Would you like to try working with us and share in our success?

If so, please submit your application (left) as soon as possible for our consideration.


What exactly are we looking for?

As previously stated on other pages, we are currently looking to add to our agency list highly skilled visual artists in the fields of digital painting and drawing, AI, content creation, 3D, video and animation loops, and related

What are our selection criteria?

When considering the acceptance of new artists, we evaluate their works and artistic abilities based on a predetermined set of criteria that are essential for upholding the high standards of our Services. 

Please note that not all artists will be accepted. Also, artists who are granted acceptance to showcase their work in our VR Galleries as part of a collaborative effort with a gallery or a curator or participate in our events will not be granted automatic partnership in our Agency operations, nor will they be necessary represented by our Agency. There are many reasons why this is happening, one of which is the artist's availability, or simply because our list of artists is too full and we can no longer manage it.

Please carefully examine the following criteria before sending us links to your work. At this stage, we will only be looking at web pages.

  • We are looking for original, fascinating, immersive, meditative, powerful, entertaining, emotional, and inspirational digital paintings & drawings, AI masterful creations, 3D figurines, illustrations, 2D & 3D sheemless video animation loops. Having said that, we are also open to exceptional initiatives that go beyond traditional digital display applications.


Submission is free of charge.
When our list is full, our selection will come to an end.

We look forward to receiving your submission.

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