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Partner with us to develop a brand activation that is cost-effective, strategic, and highly visible.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are excited to invite you to be a part of our Digital Realms Art Fair 2024, where we will showcase some of the best of emerging digital artists from around the world.

Share in our future global influence, reach our discerning, engaged audiences, and help spread the thrill of digital art by becoming one of our partners today.

Your brand will have an exceptional opportunity to convey a compelling message to a targeted audience of digital art creatives and affluent ABC 1 visitors at the Digital Realms Art Fair.

We will work in tandem with you to develop if nessesary an individualised campaign that precisely addresses your requirements. By leveraging our expertise, enthusiasm, and experience, we will establish the most efficient solution for your brand, which will yield tangible results and guarantee a favourable return on investment.
Engage and target an affluent digital art world audience through tailored sponsor-led brand activations, which are currently available online.

Align with our programme of events; virtual reality online exhibitions, interviews and talks in our YouTube Channel about the Future of Art, emerging Culture, and exciting New Products - accessing a large number of Digital Artists and High Tech enthusiasts, industry professionals, art investors/collectors, influencers and curators.
Support emerging talent by partnering with the Digital Realms Artist Award and launching a significant PR and marketing campaign.


We look forward to partnering with you and making this year's Digital Realms Art Fair a huge success.


The Fair will take place from the 17th of October to the 18th of November 2024.


The Fair hosts five distinct online sections:

The Great Wall: Featuring individual artists displaying their work.

Galleries: Contemporary galleries invited to present curated displays of emerging artists from across the globe. Including solo shows and group displays.

The Stage: Each year, we ask curators to suggest a thematic concept to a collective of artists, who will subsequently create artworks inspired by it. The theme for this year is "The Loneliness Project," which focuses on the issue of loneliness that significantly impacts a substantial number of young adolescents.

The Channel: In order to promote and increase understanding and appreciation of digital art, we decided to include on our UACreatives YouTube Channel, live interviews, discussions, and debates throughout the Fair.

Digital Realms Artist Award: The Digital Realms Artist Award celebrates emerging artists. We will reimburse the costs of the winners' participation in the Fair and award them with a solo virtual reality exhibition.


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Sponsor & Ambassador of Digital Art

For us, you are not just a sponsor; you are our ambassador. This is an exceptional role and a reciprocal honour. For a full year, your brand will be associated with Digital Art and its promotion, and we will proudly refer to you as one of our exceptional ambassadors and benefactors of the digital art community.

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Digital Realms Artist Award

The Digital Realms Artist Award championing emerging artists.

Your support will offset the costs for three winning artists to showcase their work at the Fair and grant them a solo virtual reality exhibition, allowing them to further support an emerging artist's career. It will create a strong narrative around supporting the next generation of young talent with the opportunity to work with the winning artist on a future project.


Designated Fair Theme Partner

There will be an exciting section of the Fair centred on a curated theme. This section is called "The Stage."

The emphasis of this year's theme, "the Lonliness Project," will be on an issue that affects a great number of young adolescents. We will work with a small group of curators to propose to digital artists from around the world. There is a great opportunity to sponsor this section while also having a prime space to promote your brand with a potential for excellent social and PR benefits.

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YouTube UAC Channel Sponsor

Sponsoring our UACreatives YouTube Channel can be a strategic move for your brand.

Sponsoring our channel will allow your brand to reach the creator’s audience, potentially gaining exposure to a very large community.

In 2020, the ten highest-spending brands spent a total of $368 million on YouTube sponsorships. YouTube is used in 36% of all campaigns , so it seems like a great opportunity for your brand.

Reports suggest that brand collaborations with YouTube Channels are 4 times more effective in building brand familiarity than those with celebrities.


Fill out this form if you would like more information or to talk about a customised opportunity that is based on your goals and needs:

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