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Application Form for Partners

Please Read Carefully

UAC Partners
Enquiry Application

Building the Future of Art Together


​We are currently seeking to find a number of quality partners, including proficient curators, accomplished galleries, and innovative companies.


This strategic endeavour aims to enhance the visibility and marketability of our artists' creations, enhance the overall quality of our services, and successfully execute forthcoming initiatives and events.


What we are looking for

  • CURATORS - We are looking for curators with extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Digital Art, NFT Culture, 3D Design & Animation, Gaming, Metaverse, Illustration, Installation etc.

  • GALLERIES - We are keen in establishing partnerships with galleries who have an enthusiastic interest in the genre and possibly experience in exhibiting and promoting Digital Artists.

  • COMPANIES - We are very interested in collaborating with innovative companies that hold prominent positions in the domains of technology and the arts.


If you believe you or your company meet the above criteria, please contact us.

We will be delighted to receive your enquiry.

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