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About Us

UACreatives encompasses more than a mere presentation platform, as it functions as a collective comprising physical and virtual galleries, a digital art creative studio, a digital artists agency, and an event organising company, all integrated within a single entity.
We are deeply committed to create platforms that allow digital artists to share their work with the world and find new clients.
UACreatives' mission is to provide excellent service to our customers while also providing continuous support to our artists.

Another objective of our company is to work with all experienced curators who oversee dynamic collections of contemporary digital art that push boundaries and inspire creativity.

Our Vision

Ioannis Antoniadis CEO of UACreatives

Image by Milad Fakurian

A Warm Welcome to our Site

My name is Ioannis Antoniadis, and I am the CEO of Universal Art Creatives. This initiative is the fruit of a long career in the Arts and it reflects my strong desire to work for and represent a genre that speaks to the hearts and minds of the younger generation.

Even though I didn't have the the luxury of an early art education as a child due to my family's dire post-war circumstances in Greece, I learned the value of imagination and determination at a young age.

Though there were no art museums or galleries in Greece at the time, my imagination was fed by inspirational folk and an eclectic range of contemporary literature, which served as a springboard for my future development.

Coming to London as a young artist provided fertile ground for my growth and necessary experience.

Thirty-three years later, and after my long service as an artist, curator, gallery owner, and multimedia event organiser that helped me acquire knowledge and many skills, especially in the fields of web development and digital arts, I decided that the time has come for the genre of Digital Art to be represented with the same level of enthusiasm and confidence as other genres of Fine Art, and to be recognised as the natural evolution of fine Art.

The numerous technological advancements that aided in the creation, display, and promotion of digital art played a major part in my decision. 
I believe that the future we anticipated is already here, and we are witnessing the birth of an entirely new type of creative studios like the one we are trying to establish ourselves. Studios that are destined to produce ground-breaking works of digital art.

Our Creative Team is committed to find & provide artistic content for the emerging Markets as well as promoting and representing great Artists by creating opportunities and memorable Live Events. 

In doing so, I hope to reassure the creative community that financial gain is not our only motivation when it comes to Art.

In addition to providing a wide range of high-quality services and content, our mission as a creative Agency is to educate and welcome a new generation of customers.

I hope many of you will support our initiatives. - Thank you very much.

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